The Rockspert

The Rockspert is a solo rock act playing his own brand of covers and quality originals that simply rock. Electric and Acoustic, the Rockspert creates the right atmosphere for any event.

Armed with a couple of guitars, a mic and assistance from a bass & drums backing track created by himself, The Rockspert plays an up tempo fun rocking set of classics, rarities and originals in a 2 hour high quality show.

Available now on Itunes - Acoustic Animal - 5 new acoustic tracks

Learn more about the rockspert on you tube.

The experienced rock guitarist performs at a realistic price for your function. A typical set has a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar and is easy to adapt to your specific requirements.

The acoustic set is perfect in creating a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. ideal for the smaller venue or as a background for functions. The electric set offers a more up tempo night of classic rock tunes and fun. why not have a combination of both?

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United Kingdom

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