The Rockspert- The Last of the Analogue Men

Born under a bad sign I was and remain a full time dreamer whose only ambition outside music is to drink my entire body weight in ale every day.

Often referred to as “the bloke with long hair”, I have worshiped at the altar of rock since I saw Thin Lizzy live at Hammersmith Odeon. 

Played my first gig in 1993 since when I Have enjoyed wielding my axe in a number of bands including, The Renegades, Nightprowler, an original old school metal band who still have songs on itunes, eNeRGY, a 3 piece rock covers band and Snaggletooth UK, a tribute to Motorhead. The summer of 2017 will see me play my 1,000th live gig.


The Rockspert Uses:

AMPS - 1984 Marshall JCM800 : Marshall 8080 Combo : 1988 Laney AOR100


CABS - Marshall Vintage 'Green Backs' 4X12 : Custom Built 2x12" 'Frankencab'
AXES - Gibson Flying Vee : Washburn WP50 : BC Rich : Crfter & Epiphone Acoustics

STUFF - Rotosound Electric and Bronze Strings : Crybaby Wah Wah : TalkBox : Skull scalfs


Colin - Lord Strangely Green

Adventurer, swordsman, one-time pirate of the Caribbean, once voted Best dressed man of 1927 and one of the original Buttmonkies, I've been playing drums on and off since the age of 18, when the world was pink, frilly, young, fresh and slightly moist.

I played in exciting punk bands, having endless fun and never quite making it to the "big time". Then came marriage, divorce, second marriage, mortgage, kids and ultimately another divorce, which gave me the chance to start playing again in 2004, when I agreed to step in for a couple of gigs with local rock heroes The Usual Suspects.

Finding that I could still play I bought my own kit and joined a blues band (Big Blue This) and played at pubs and blues festivals in the south west.

Then came the original Buttmonkies and the beginning of my friendship with Roger. Ultimately and indeed, sadly, the Butts broke up after a couple of years and I joined Sun Machine in 2008.

Now the Buttmonkies have once again called me and I'm back in the seat, ready for some of the loudest, rockiest rock that you'll ever hear!

Rob - The Master of the low tones


Being a teenager in the 70's meant that music was always gonna be a big part in your life, so when the punk scene arrived and then in 1977 I had the honour as a 17 year old to see "The Clash" live, I knew I had to be in a rock band. Somehow I ended up with a cheap bass and amp and with some like minded friends we formed a band, we set forth, practised and practised and found ourselves out gigging. Life was great, bands came and went, good times by all where had.

Life moves on and along came the mortgage, the family, bills and with that the expectation of being sensible. The bass guitar got put to one side, but not giving up on playing music I found myself with a much more family friendly acoustic guitar. Time moves on and as the family grows up and move out into the wide crazy world and the music in my head demands the need for recording equipment to be moved in. A partnership was formed with a fellow musical friend and hours spent recording original material and cover versions. 

The music was kept alive and always with the hope that maybe one day I"ll play in a band again, it just needed the right band. That band did come along and they needed a bass player. So now I find myself in The Buttmonkies and you know what...I'm loving it.

Things to twang...
Fender Precision active in deepest black, One of Sandbergs finest hardcore electrified basses, and she's a trashy, tarty blonde. One rather nice Washburn AB10 elec/acoustic bass, think MTV Unplugged!!! The power comes from a Swedish EBS Reidmer amp which dives two Genzyme Benz 112 bass cabs.

Not using any effects, just set the amp up for lashings of bass and then crank up the gain!!!


Most frequent quote. "Where's the bar?"

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South West England

United Kingdom

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